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Understanding How Cryopen Works Bletchley

Cryopen is a relatively new technique for treating benign skin lesions. The technology is based on traditional cryotherapy, which is the use of cold to treat various conditions. Cryopen delivers precise and focused pressure on the affected area. This feature allows beauticians or dermatologists to treat lesions without affecting the surrounding areas. Understanding how technology works are crucial if you are planning to get the treatment Bletchley.


Cyropen works by releasing highly pressurised nitrous oxide. The tip of the pen applicator attains 89°C during operation. A clinician points the pen at the affected region, causing the fluid inside the cells to freeze. The length of the session depends on the size of the lesion. Its usual range is 1 to 30 seconds. An expert will conduct two freeze cycles in a common technique referred to as freeze-thaw-freeze.

The rapid drop in temperature causes crystallisation and consequently, the rupture of cells. An ice field or frost can manifest on the surface of the lesion during freezing, but this thaws after a few seconds. Due to the precision of the applicator, the low temperatures don’t spread to other parts of the skin. If the treated section is left uncovered, healing is accelerated.

Cryopen is suitable for treating a number of superficial skin lesions. Warts, actinic keratosis and skin tags are some of the conditions that Cryopen can treat. You can get Cryopen on the face, skin or body. Consult a specialist about your skin condition to see how appropriate it is as a treatment approach.

Is it Safe?

Yes, Cryopen is a safe treatment with minimal risks. The non-invasive nature of the technology means that patients have very few risks to worry about. It is a safe treatment for people of all ages, including kids. During the procedure, expect mild discomfort as the nitrous oxide reaches the inner part of the lesion.

However, you can feel some pain if the lesion requires a deep level of freezing. Redness and blistering might occur after the treatment in some cases. Hyper or hypo-pigmentation of the skin after the procedure clears up in time.

You should consult your beautician in instances where a change in skin colour takes more than two months to return to normal. Some people can also be hypersensitive to the cold. A clinician can tell you if that will be a problem if you opt for this treatment. Some individuals might also experience irritation.

Who Can Provide it Bletchley?

Although the Cryopen device seems like an uncomplicated piece of technology, it requires a professional to use it. Certified aestheticians and beauty therapists are some of the experts who you can go to for Cryopen. The device has specifications for its different models for which an operator should be qualified. When considering the procedure, make certain that the clinic where you plan to get it from has experience with the technology. Check testimonials from previous clients too.

Cryopen is among the most effective solutions for treating skin lesions. The procedure is simple, non-invasive and proven to work. Make certain to get treatment from a specialist.

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