Which is the Best Bread for a Low Carb Diet

What is the Best Bread for Low Carb Diet Bletchley?

Mostly, you have in mind that the bread contains the carbohydrates and calories that can result to gain your weight. There are types that can be part of your healthy diet plan because it has low carbohydrates. Click here to find out more about us Bletchley!

Tips in Choosing the Bread:

Since you have diabetes, it is important that you have the guidelines to choose, such as:

Check the nutrition facts

In buying, you need to read the labels on the plastic of the bread. You need to select the one that has low carbohydrates and sugar content.

Blood Sugar

We need to check our blood sugar before and after eating the bread that we buy.

Here are the steps to check the glucose into our blood:

Test Strip.

You must clean your hands, and you need to place the test strips into your meter.

Get Blood.

You need the lancing device to get a drop of your blood.


You are going to hold the test strip to place to ensure that the drop of your blood will place into the test strip.


Just wait for a moment, and you will see the outcome of your blood glucose level into the display of your own meter.

Types of Bread with Low Carbs Bletchley:

Here are the lists of the bread that will provide you with a low intake of carbohydrates:

  • Fibre-enriched whole-grain. You can eat this type because it will help to control your body sugar.
  • Multi-grain sandwich bread. When you eat this, you can quickly lower your blood sugar.
  • Low-carbohydrates tortillas. Eating these tortillas can help to lower your weight and make you a healthy person.
  • Wheat Pita Bread. You can eat the wheat pita to lower your cholesterol level and blood glucose level.
  • Dave’s Killer Bread. It will provide you with the antioxidant which is sufficient to nourish your skin and to help you to reduce your weight.
  • Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat. It has a high protein that is helpful to control the blood glucose and improve into your body. Eating Oroweat can lower our carbohydrates intake.
  • The Baker 9-Grain Bread. It is best for you to eat this because it has a good source of fibre that will help to breakdown the carbohydrates and improve your sugar level.
  • Roman Meal. It consists of the low saturated fat that decreases your cholesterol level to ensure that you will have a healthy body. To find out more Click here on Diets Bletchley!

Reasons to Eat Bletchley

Here are the reasons why we need to eat bread:

-Energy. Eating bread is beneficial because it has the carbohydrates that are the preferred source of the energy to our body.

-Healthy Body. The bread that is made from the whole grains contains the fibre that can provide your body with the fibre that is good to make our body healthy and lose weight.

It is important that we carefully choose the type of bread because the right choice leads to good health. You have diabetes, so you need to choose that has will provide you with the vitamins, nutrients, low carbs, and high fibre to live longer.

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