Why am I not losing weight?

Why is it important to maintain a healthy weight? and How to Start Losing Weight? Bletchley

Everyone loves feeling healthy and beautiful. If you are someone who enjoys eating but also enjoys maintaining a healthy weight, life probably presents you with a lot of difficult choices by having to try.

Treating yourself is extremely important. We all love food and should allow ourselves to indulge in the more delicious (usually unhealthy) side of food eating once in a while.

Despite this, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy because it has a direct impact on your overall health. Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent many diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Maintaining a healthy weight also makes you feel confident and beautiful in your skin. You fit into your favourite clothes and also get lots of compliments from friends and co-workers. Life becomes amazing when you have a healthy body!

3 reasons why you’re not losing weight.

If you find yourself repeatedly asking the question “Why am I not losing weight?” you’re probably trying very hard to drop some pounds without any substantial results.

However, there are many reasons why we are unable to lose weight despite trying our best to do so. Despite various attempts at eating healthier like diets and exercise, including

1.    Your workouts are very limited

Workouts are an integral part of weight loss. If you’re not seeing changes might need to start hitting the gym every day, you need to make some changes in your workout regime.

If you only do low-intensity workouts, you will not lose weight as fast. Incorporating high-intensity workouts into your everyday workout can do wonders for you.

Consult your trainer and start adding more heat to your workouts! You will see faster results.

2.    You’re not drinking water

Drinking water has various benefits of having each day. It’s a very important part. Water cuts down on your appetite by making you feel fuller. This is why you should have a nice tall glass of water before lunch and dinner. Click here to see our diets!

Water keeps you fresh, hydrated, and nourished. If you drink more water, you will feel full during the day and you won’t feel like having sugary drinks or eating unhealthy food.

In addition to this, cold water is known to speed up your metabolism. This, in turn, helps you burn more calories and lose weight faster. A faster metabolism is great.

Thus, you should drink more water to lose weight faster!

3.    You’re not sleeping enough

If you love burning the midnight oil, chances are you will not lose weight very fast. This is because when we force our body to function when it’s tired and needs rest, our metabolism takes a hit and slows down.

This means that if you don’t sleep enough, your body will get too tired to function and not only your metabolism, but your digestive system will also not be able to perform its functions effectively.

To lose it faster, it is extremely important to not only monitor your diet and workouts but also your everyday habits.

Small actions like having more water each day, sleeping enough hours, and making changes in our workouts can greatly impact how fast we lose weight.

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