Netball to lose Weight Bletchley

Do you want to lose weight through sports? Well, you can do it by playing netball? It works on your muscles and heart you never expect. How?

Netball builds great muscle mass and burns fats by recruiting fast and low twitch muscle fibers.  Unlike some cardio workout, netball allows you to switch your energy pathways.

In each time you play, you increase your metabolism instead of making weight gain. So, if you’re determined to lose weight, you play netball now and see good results in no time.

Netball: A Great Game to Burn Calories – 

Netball requires you to burn extra calories due to the intensive and fast moves you do to win the game.   For example, you need to burn 1,500 of calories to lose a 1 pound fat.

You can decrease your calories even more if you play netball for an hour 3 times per week. You would burn 1,500 calories each week. Get ready to lose 2 pounds every month.

Burn More Fat By Playing Netball Bletchley

In the sport, you need to jump, change directions and use maximum energy when you run. It works on twitching the muscle fibers in the body.

The muscle fibers require glucose for energy.  If when you use the muscle fibers, you release the burning hormone that aims to burn fats on the body. Click here to find more about us1

Thus, people who play netball every day for an hour lose extra fats more than they expect.  It depends on you if you play netball for two hours to lose weight. But, remember to keep things in moderation so that you don’t face harmful results such as over fatigue.

Build Muscle to Lose Weight 

Did you know that playing netball increases your muscle mass that helps you lose weight?  When you play, the lower parts of your body tend to move quickly.

It results in high muscle build that leads to excellent metabolism in the body. So, expect to lose excess fats when you play netball regularly.

Safety Tips for Playing Netball Bletchley

It’s great to play netball three times per week if you aim to lose weight. You add two workouts per week that would help prevent injuries during the game. It can also improve your netball performance in every match you play.

Don’t forget to warm up before a game to get your muscles in good shape. You also stretch your muscles so that you wouldn’t experience injuries and tightness.

Cryolipolysis Beneficial for You to Lose Weight

Aside from playing games, you can also lose weight through an effective procedure – Cryolipolysis. It’s a safe and effective method where the stubborn fat of the body is cooled.

Here, the cells shrink, and you can expect good results in a few months.  Don’t worry!  The fat cells wouldn’t regenerate, so you expect slender for the lifetime.

The procedure gets rid of the fats on the lower and upper parts of the abdomen. You can use expert burn of extra fats in your inner thighs and upper arms.

If you lose fat on the chin, Cryolipolysis helps you remove excess fats on the face.

What’s the Best Thing to Do After the Treatment?

You would be advised to drink lots of water, do a healthy diet and take supplements so that you would maintain your desired body shape. There are no post guidelines to follow because Cryolipolysis is a simple procedure.

If you like netball, you play it regularly each day as you maintain your body after the Cryolipolysis procedure.

It’s a big help to do little exercise after the procedure to stretch your muscles and ensure you have the satisfaction of having a slender body.

It’s time for you to embrace sports and Cryolipolysis to make your life happy all the time.

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